GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP — The deadline to become a part of Absegami High School’s Path to Excellence is coming up, ending a project by the Wrestling Booster Club that lets the community cement their memories onto the school’s grounds.

Order forms and the $50 payment for the engraved bricks are due by March 15, said Frank Rudisill, a member of the fundraising team who coordinates the order forms. The bricks will border a concrete walkway between the auxiliary gym and the parking lot where there is now only a dirt path.

“We’re going to end up somewhere between 100 and 200 (bricks),” Rudisill said. “We’re pretty pleased. It’ll be beautiful.”

The club would like the project to be completed by late spring, Rudisill said, adding the deadline has been set to ensure that the bricks are manufactured in time.

So far, bricks have been sold all across the community and even across state lines.

“We’ve had orders from as far away as Michigan,” he said.

While most of the order forms have been turned in by members of the wrestling and sports teams, bricks also have been bought by high school clubs, staff members and other community members, he said.

Sometimes, buyers are “people that just remember great times at Absegami,” he said.

After the path has been constructed and the bricks have been set, the fundraising team is planning a “Find Your Brick” party.

“We’re looking forward to inviting all our supporters out to the site and having some grills going and some coolers and have a nice get together with everyone who supported the project,” Rudisill said.

Money raised will go toward the wrestling team to be used for new equipment or to send the team to overnight camps during the summer, Rudisill said. In addition, the project is a capital improvement to the school’s grounds by creating a path for both sports teams and gym classes to use.

“We’re solving a problem and keeping the taxpayers off the hook while promoting a sense of teamwork and togetherness,” he said.

For members of the community still on the fence about participating, Rudisill said, “We don’t want people to regret not participating.”

“It’s a chance to make a statement and remember somebody — a good team, a club you were a part of or anything. Here’s a way to do it, and it’s permanent,” he said.

To buy a brick, email Rudisill at or see the Absegami Wrestling Facebook page.

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