EGG HARBOR CITY — In response to resident complaints, City Council agreed at its Thursday, Feb. 8, meeting to move forward with plans to create an ordinance to disallow long-term vehicle parking on city streets.

Mayor Lisa Jiampetti said a resident complained about a car that had been parked in front of her house since early last summer. Complaints have also been received about another vehicle that has sat on Gordon Dahl Way since early June of last year.

Councilman Robert Ross planned to meet with members of the council’s safety committee and the city’s solicitor Jim Carroll to “hammer this out.”

Councilman Angelo Lello had concerns about a proposed ordinance that would limit street parking on one site to 72 hours. “My car might sit for weeks on the street if I am using my company vehicle,” he said. He expressed concern for residents who might have a similar situation.

Ross said that his committee will run any proposed legislation by every council member before it is formally introduced.

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