Go Green Galloway

The Green Market's final day is Sunday, Oct. 15.


Many people and publications declare that Galloway Township is one of the largest municipalities in New Jersey, if not the largest. Darn it, if Port Republic, Egg Harbor City and others hadn’t “broken away,” Galloway would easily have that distinction!

Since Colonial days, boundaries in the region have shifted many times. I have seen Galloway described as an area somewhere between 93 and 115 square miles in recent times.

I bring this up in the context of sustainability because it is interesting and important to know who our neighbors are and what common issues we share. My unofficial study shows that we share a border by land, water or both with 12 municipalities: Absecon, Egg Harbor Township, Hamilton Township, Mullica Township, Egg Harbor City, Washington Township, Bass River Township, Port Republic, Little Egg Harbor Township, Long Beach Township, Brigantine and Atlantic City.

More than one-third of Galloway is comprised of fresh, salt or brackish water and wetlands. Water quality concerns should involve us in constructive, mutual efforts with all of these neighbors and more, both upstream and downstream.

Certainly, issues of toxic chemicals in our water runoff, litter and illegal dumping problems, erosion and silting, wetlands infill, native and invasive plants, healthy forests, soil health and public health policy are all things to talk to our neighbors about for the common good.

Further, Galloway is part of two major watershed districts. The waters of Management Area No. 15 originate above and below ground in Galloway and head toward the Great Egg Harbor River system. Management Area No. 14 is where Galloway waters flow to the Mullica River basin.

We even share flow waters directly with Management Area No. 13 of Barnegat Bay, coming in around the bottom edge of Long Beach Island near the Rutgers University Marine Field Station at the end of Seven Bridges Road.

To top it off, we mix it up with water management District No. 21, the three miles offshore shared water band that runs along New Jersey’s coast.

So, explore and enjoy. Be an advocate for the cleanup and preservation of our wonderful natural areas. Let’s work with our neighbors for greater environmental awareness and stewardship, because clean air, water and land should have no boundaries.

Go Green Galloway is a volunteer organization dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of Galloway through the promotion of energy efficiency and conservation, environmental education and the implementation of sustainable practices. We always welcome new volunteer members. Contact us at gogreengalloway12@gmail.com or call Mary at 609-742-7076. Also be sure to “Like” our Facebook page.

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