James M. Reina

I am “sleeping out” to benefit Covenant House and the young men and women they serve.

I participated two years ago and it was an extremely rewarding experience for me; to spend time with homeless youth and individuals who had been assisted by Covenant House and transitioned into better conditions reinforced the vast differences that youth face.

As educators we all have heard stories of students dealing with this situation, and this fundraiser provides an opportunity for us to make a concrete difference, and to make that impact locally.

I am hoping you will join me as I commit to this project in the name of Greater Egg; this district stepped up across all three buildings to support this cause two years ago, and I hope to get the same support again.

Two years ago was the coldest night on record for this event (below freezing with 30+ mph winds), and I am proud to say I stayed outside the entire time in my sleeping bag, inside a cardboard box.

Please visit the Covenant House homepage for the "Sleep Out" by pasting the address below into your browser window:


Then click on the "donate" tab at the top of the screen; type "reina" into the last-name box and click on my name... this will take you to my home page.

Thank you in advance.

James M. Reina


Oakcrest High School

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