There is absolutely no denying that Trump’s words were irrepressible, lewd and vulgar toward women. He’ll pay for them dearly. But he has apologized for those remarks. He states that he is truly sorry and that he is a different person today.

Christians are taught to believe that when one is asked to be forgiven with a true and contrite heart, they should be forgiven. As the good book states, “Not just seven times, but seventy-seven times.”

However, the Clinton campaign wouldn’t know anything about that. On the contrary. It is obvious that when it comes to the religious aspects of life they are totally ignorant. The evidence is clear given the recent documented remarks released by WikiLeaks which revealed the underlying anti-Catholicism mindset inhibited by the Clinton campaign. The bigoted remarks made against the Catholic and evangelical institutions by Clinton staff members were no less trivial and just as harsh in their effect as Trump’s words.

One has to wonder and consider the fact that her staff members represent her and it is quite doubtful that they wouldn’t stray too far away from her inner beliefs. She has a moral obligation to sanction these individuals. Given her track record I doubt an apology will be forthcoming. I can only hope on Nov. 8, Catholics and evangelicals place a great deal of emphasis on their vote and make sure the words “ God bless America” and “In God we Trust” continue to exist in this great nation.

Bill Riveron

Mays Landing