This year Oakcrest High School students were asked to take the pledge to be Upstanders. Being an Upstander means students are committed to respecting one another and their differences, taking a stand against bullying and upholding these guidelines.

The pledges were given out on paper feathers for the students to sign. More than 600 students took part in the promise.

Oakcrest’s National Honor Society members led the project, handing out the pledges, collecting the feathers once they were signed and placing them prominently on the wall. The signed feathers filled in the OHS and Falcon-head emblem along with creating the letters OHS. It is a reminder how Falcons support and respect one another, how they are upstanding citizens of the school and the community.

“Having so many people support the event shows how well students and staff are willing to help create the best environment possible for the school,” NHS adviser Charles Lockwood said.

Kaitlyn Caraway, who came up with the feather design, said, “It’s incredible to see Oakcrest Falcons sign the feathers. The school is made up of students who show respect, and positive attitudes such as this always help remind us why Falcons soar.”

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