Oakcrest computer-aided drafting and design students show the catapults they built. In the back row, from left, are Gerardo Velazquez, Ashley Belanger, first-place winner Alec Gullo, Alexander Marco, Thomas Vu and Angel Martinez. Kneeling, from left, are second-place winner Kyle Maynard, Zachary Baker, and third-place winner Benjamin Garfinkel.

Julie Hazard / Provided

Oakcrest High School students designed, built and tested catapults as part of a class project in their computer-aided drafting and design class.

According to teacher Fran Campbell, students researched different catapult designs and then went to work using their computer skills to draw blueprints and construct them. CADD 1 students used AutoCAD software and CADD 2 students used inventor software to make their drawings. With blueprints in hand, students went into the wood shop and constructed their catapults.  

“We had to make modifications” stated senior Alec Gullo, whose catapult won the class contest for hurling the bean bag the furthest. “Adding additional support was a factor,” Gullo said.

Senior Jay Garfinkel, whose catapult came in third place for distance, said he liked that it was a hands-on project from paper to the actual building of the catapult.

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