The Wilmington VA Medical Center and the Maryville Addiction Treatment Center of New Jersey in Williamstown have announced a new partnership to expand substance abuse treatment for veterans in South Jersey.

Maryville is now part of the VA’s Choice provider network of care.

When the VA cannot provide timely access to care, or when a veteran has a significant travel burden to get to a VA facility, Maryville can provide short-stay medical detox care and short -stay inpatient treatment for a variety of addictions.

“Strategic partnerships with community veterans' organizations and private sector health care providers like Maryville are vital to accomplishing our mission to honor America’s veterans and provide timely, exceptional health care to improve their health and well-being”, said Bob Callahan, interim director of the Wilmington VA Medical Center.

Kim Sivak, associate chief of staff for behavioral health services at the Wilmington VA Medical Center, said in a press release that the demand for intensive outpatient and inpatient substance abuse treatment continues to increase among veterans and in the private sector.

"These strategic partnerships allow us to take the best of what VA does and blend it with more accessible care in the community," said Vince Kane, Wilmington VAMC interim associate director for operations.

"Both VA and the community partner can practice together in a single model of care, expanding service and ultimately improving the veteran’s quality of life."

Kane said the partnership will enable the VA to swiftly provide services to veterans in need when they reach out for help from the devastating grip of addiction.

Maryville’s inpatient, medically monitored detoxification and residential programs are located on 40 wooded acres in Gloucester County, providing a natural environment conducive to full recovery of mind, body and spirit, the release said.

Maryville also has neighborhood-based outpatient facilities in Cumberland and Gloucester counties.

The Choice program was created in 2014 to provide care in the community to veterans when VA services were not available or timely, and to prevent veterans from having to travel long distances to VA facilities. It is managed by a third-party administrator under a national contract.

Local VA facilities were also given the ability to establish local provider agreements with private health care organizations in 2016.

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