LINWOOD — Sugar, gum drops and royal icing were the nuts and bolts of this construction site last week as more than a dozen kids checked in at the Linwood Library to make their own gingerbread houses. The youngest builder was Jane Wurzer, who at 5 years old had plenty of ideas of what her gingerbread house should look like. Clark Calvi, 7, made his gingerbread house to mirror his own home, with pretzels for a fence and gum drops for the lights.

Meanwhile, Ben and Sarah Harvey made their confection construction in great detail as something to add to their parent’s holiday decoration.

Linwood librarian Maria Moss said making the gingerbread houses at the library is a great family tradition for making memories. It is so popular with local families that they allot six dates to accommodate the number of kids and families that look forward to creating their own sweet gingerbread house each year.

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