Once a couple has officially tied the knot, the newly recognized husband and wife and all of their guests will retire to a party room where they can mingle, dance and enjoy a good meal.

Return transportation can be easily overlooked when planning a wedding. Couples may decide they want to hire a car or limousine to get them to the ceremony and the reception, but what happens when the limo driver calls it a night?

There is no doubt that all eyes are on the bride and groom on their wedding day. Feeling beautiful and dapper can boost a couple's confidence and ensure that they will look back on their wedding photographs and videos with pride.

Few things set the tone for a wedding ceremony and reception better than music. Music establishes ambience and serves to transition guests through the various components of the day.

Traditionally used in wedding announcements, engagement photos are now an essential element of save-the-date cards and personalized wedding websites. The setting can range from formal shoots in which couples are dressed to the nines to casual shots featuring couples in everyday attire.

The average wedding tends to be one of the most costly ventures in a couple's life together. Wedding prices can be overwhelming, and many marrying couples seek ways to cut costs. Negotiating with prospective vendors is one way to do that.

Many wedding guests are not ready to call it a night after the DJ plays the last dance at the reception, and after parties have grown increasingly popular as a way to keep the celebration going.

Felix Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" is popular at wedding ceremonies near and far, but many other songs also enjoy widespread popularity. Sentimental standards help shape the celebration. Unless a couple intends to buck all tradition, the following are some popular wedding reception staples.

Brides and grooms to be aspire to look their absolute best on their wedding day, and that could mean employing an entire arsenal of beauty, grooming and wardrobe personnel for some extra help.

Weddings are steeped in tradition - no matter whom you are or where you live. But what if you're not interested in wearing the same dress your mother did, getting married in the same location your sister did or wearing something blue?