Northfield Police Dept.

Northfield Police Department, 1600 Shore Road.


NORTHFIELD — A 31-year-old Ocean County man was arrested Thursday, Oct. 26 and charged with lewdness for allegedly exposing himself to a female jogger on the bike path the previous day, police said.

Northfield Police Capt. Steve Steinecke said Jamie Warnock, a resident of Beachwood who works locally, was arrested in connection with an incident that allegedly occurred shortly before 10:30 a.m. Wednesday on the bike path at Merritt Drive.

A 22-year-old woman told police that she was jogging when she observed a white older-model Chevy SUV following her. The vehicle followed her for about a mile, then pulled ahead of her. 

The driver allegedly made a U-turn so that the driver’s side window was facing her, stopped at the intersection and waited for her to jog past. As she jogged by, the driver arched back in his seat and exposed himself to her while touching himself, according to police. The man did so in a way that would ensure that he would be seen, Steinecke said.

He drove away, but the jogger was able to get a partial vehicle license plate number and provided a detailed description of the driver, he said. The police checked the  area but failed to find the vehicle described.

On Thursday, Northfield Police Detectives Bach and Bentz were able to develop a match to the partial registration. They set up surveillance Thursday, Oct. 26 in the area at the same time as the incident was reported the day before. 

They saw a white SUV with the plates on New Road and conducted a motor vehicle stop and interviewed the driver. Warnock was subsequently arrested and charged with lewdness in connection to the incident. 

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