NCS Classroom Close-up

Katie Hanlin's preschool disabilities morning class at the Northfield Community School includes, from left, Kristen Galoc, sitting on aide Melissa Hacket's lap; William O'Donnell; Andrew Claveria on Hanlin's lap; Allison Claveria; Ethan Frankel; and Jason Watts, sitting on aide Noreen Lawlor's lap.


NORTHFIELD — The cameras will be rolling Friday morning when the crew from the long-running NJTV series "Classroom Close-up" will be in Katie Hanlin’s preschool disabilities class to film a segment.

“We are pretty excited,” said Hanlin, whose students came up with the segment's tentative title, “My Classroom Rocks.”

What makes the class different is the preschoolers' access to specials. Hanlin said not many preschools have the privilege of the related arts rotation.

“The students in my classroom are exposed to an environment that enhances their cognitive, behavioral and social/emotional skills," she said.

"The lessons and activities we use to work on these important areas are endless. But they also have this other opportunity where they get to part take in art, gym, STEAM, library and music therapy."

They also receive speech therapy and occupational therapy in the classroom multiple times a week, Hanlin said.

“Working together with the specials and services teachers on how we can enhance the students' educational experience really is such an enjoyable part of my job.”

Northfield Community Primary School Principal Maureen Vaccaro said a member of New Jersey Education Association recommended Hanlin’s classroom for consideration for a Close-up segment.

District Superintendent Pete Bretones said Hanlin’s instruction is exemplary and that preschool students normally are not afforded a full complement of related arts.

“Our related arts teachers take great pride and pleasure in being able to work with the students in Hanlin’s class,” he said.

Now in its 24th season, "Classroom Close-up NJ" is a half-hour television program that features innovative projects in New Jersey public schools. The show airs on NJTV at 7:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. every Sunday. 

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