SOMERS POINT — As Eagles fans everywhere were celebrating the Birds' Super Bowl win Sunday night, two new fans entered the world — identical twin brothers Mason and Hunter Davey-Clark.

Born at Shore Medical Center, the twins have the distinction of being born on two different days.

Mason arrived at 11:44 p.m. Sunday, while Hunter arrived fashionably late 25 minutes later, at 12:09 a.m. Monday.

“Well, the boys will each have their own special day,” first-time mom Brittany Davey, 24, of Egg Harbor Township, said Monday evening.

She said the twins were due March 2, and her physician, Dr. Natalia Rezvina of Somers Manor Obstetrics, planned to induce her Feb. 12.

But the boys had other plans for Super Bowl Sunday, said Davey, who admitted that she and the boys' father, Robert Clark, are big football fans.

She was in labor through the weekend and went to the hospital on Friday. Davey said she was happy that Hunter and Mason arrived naturally.

The boys are both 18 inches long. Hunter weighed 4 pounds and 11 ounces at birth, while Mason was 4 pounds and had to spend some time in the special care unit. Davey said Monday that he would soon be out.

"We're great. I feel good and the boys are good," she said. 

The twins' grandmother, Theresa Davey of Egg Harbor Township, was all smiles. She said Mason and Hunter are her ninth and 10th grandchildren, and she loves every single one of them.

Davey said there are no twins on either side of the family. She said the doctor explained to her that identical twins occur when a fertilized egg splits in two and that it is something that just happens.

According to, the chance of having identical twins is about three to five per 1,000 births, while fraternal twins, in which two eggs are fertilized, occurs in about three of every 100 births.

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