Linwood City Council Ward 2 candidate Brian Heun is a loyal Republican in good standing. Brian has lived in Linwood since 1977 with his wife, Val, and their two children. Brian graduated from Mainland Regional High School in 1988, and attended Gettysburg College receiving a BA in business management in 1992 and Villanova School of Law class of 1995. He now is the principal of the Law Office of Brian Heun in Northfield.

Since joining the Republican Club many years ago he has been a hardworking member. He served as treasurer, vice president, county committee and four years as president of our club. During that time he has assisted and supported each and every Republican candidate the club put forth.

In 2013 Brian was elected to City Council, where he has served with distinction. He now serves on numerous council committees, chairs the Public Safety Committee and is a member of the Board of School Estimate. Brian is a very well-educated professional who has dedicated himself to serving the city of Linwood.

Brian now finds himself with an opponent to his council seat, a fellow Republican who as a county committee person is obligated to support club candidates. There is a process that allows for a challenge to incumbent candidates; it’s called the primary election. Any good Republican who wishes to remain so knows they should challenge during the primary season.

Brian’s opponent has decided to disregard all Republican election protocol, as well as county committee and club bylaws to run as an independent candidate.

Brian, unlike his opponent, has worked hard for the residents of Linwood for many years and has earned your vote on Election Day.

Richard L. DePamphilis III