Having heard some complaints from a few people about the Linwood school board, I took the time to research and learn more about the board's meetings, practices and members' backgrounds. Here’s what I see.

There is total transparency in governance by the Board of Education, whose members are appointed by the mayor and approved by City Council. Agendas and minutes are posted and available to all who request them. The public can take part at every meeting by talking to the administration and board members before and after every meeting or can comment two separate times in the meeting itself.

The members are friendly and accessible and spend countless hours providing quality education for our children. They also keep up on current issues in education by taking courses online and in person. They do their “homework” to prepare for the committee meetings, special meetings and general meetings held every month. They take their commitment to the highest quality education for the children of Linwood very seriously. They are excited about the innovative direction of education in Linwood. They are committed to education, not political elections.

They deserve our support. On Nov. 8 please vote no in order to keep our appointed school board.

Bob Marshall


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