Once again Mike Merlino, who is not a veteran, could not be more wrong about the VFW ratings of legislative candidates for office. His comments are an affront to the many actual veterans of the VFW who put their hard work into these ratings.

Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo has been nothing but an advocate for our veterans and active duty military personnel in Trenton, and should be commended for the many bills he’s sponsored and that have been signed into law. Those include the Wounded Warrior Caregivers Relief Act, the New Jersey Stolen Valor Act, legislation for post-military service protection against mortgage foreclosure, and yes, the package of bills for Gold Star families. These are just some of Assemblyman Mazzeo’s many legislative accomplishments.

We all appreciate Chris Brown’s service to our country, but that doesn't equal a free pass to take credit for others work and the right to just sign your name to every bill. Assemblyman Mazzeo has shepherded a ton of bills through the legislature; Brown has not. That's the only thing that will reflect in the VFW scorecard. Mazzeo’s running mate, Buena Vista Township Committeeman John Armato is an Air Force veteran and is a life member of VFW Post 158. He will be a great partner and advocate for veterans with Vince in the Assembly.

What’s a travesty is that Mr. Merlino, a non-veteran, continues to trash great legislative work being done by Assemblyman Mazzeo, who has always been at the side of veterans in Atlantic County.

Bill Coulter

Northfield, NJ

USAF Retired, Life member VFW

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