It is time for real change in the 2nd Congressional District. Frank LoBiondo has been our congressman for 22 years -- long past the term limits he promised. During all those years he has rarely, if ever, successfully sponsored any major legislation. He has never shown the leadership or courage to denounce the outrageous comments of the extremists in his own party. Worse, he has repeatedly supported them. He voted against the refinancing of students' loans, government efforts to combat climate change, more criminal background checks on commercial gun sales, and the banning of military-style assault weapons. He voted for privatizing both Medicare and Social Security.

The Democratic candidate for Congress is Dave Cole, an entrepreneur and engineer with a long record of accomplishments in the private sector. In contrast to LoBiondo, Cole would help students and their families with college debt, limit carbon emissions, implement background checks for all gun sales and ban military-style assault weapons. He would strengthen Medicare by negotiating drug prices and expand the existing Social Security program.

Helping some constituents with passport problems or giving them congressional tours when they visit Washington, D.C., does not offset LoBiondo's regressive and obstructionist voting record. It is time for our do-nothing congressman and the do-nothing Republican Congress to go. This November, elect Dave Cole to Congress.

Ron Caplan