LINWOOD — Students at Mainland Regional High School took a flavor trip around the world Tuesday evening, Nov. 21 without leaving the cafeteria.

The World Language Club organized a Taste Around the World event that gave students a chance to offer up the flavors of their heritage, the language they are studying or places they have traveled. Cultures represented included Italy, Costa Rica, France and Middle East.

Pat Taylor and Kyle Goodman made Costa Rican salsa using tomatoes, onions, peppers, avocado and lime. Taylor said he has been to Costa Rica a few times and really likes the food, which he described as Mexican with an island flavor. 

Alia Acefe’s family is from Argentina, where she said empanadas are a popular food. She and her partner, Calmren Wagner, made more than 200 empanadas from ground meat, onions and jalapenos folded inside dough and baked, and every last one was eaten.

Savrina Salartash said her family helped her make Persian dill rice that she served in bowls.

Juliana Evinski, a member of the Spanish Club, prepared chicken arepas — corn cakes filled with chicken mix — as her taste of Mexico.

Spanish teacher Daniela Ballard, who coordinated the Taste Around the World evening, said the students wanted to chance to blend all of the cultures together in one event. Using food as representative of each of the cultures allowed students not only a chance to share but also chance to learn about other cultures, she said.

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