LINWOOD – Voters here will determine if the Linwood School District will continue as it has since the mid-1930s as a Type I School District with members appointed by the mayor or switch to a Type II district in which members are elected. 

The referendum question reads: Shall the Linwood School District be reclassified from a Type I School District, with members of the board of education appointed by the mayor, to a Type II School District with board of education members elected by registered voters, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A 9-4.

A yes vote indicates approval of reclassifying the district, and a no vote indicates a preference for retaining the current system. The decision is binding.

Whichever choice the voters make, the matter cannot come up for a vote again for at least four years, according to state statute. City Clerk Leigh Ann Napoli said the provision is spelled out in the statute.

If voters do opt for a Type II district, elections would be held in stages as the individual board members' terms expire. Candidates seeking a seat on the board would be required to file a petition to have their names placed on the ballot.

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