NORTHFIELD – The Harvey D. Johnson American Legion Post 295 along with Fleet Reserve Association Branch 13 is hosting a special telehealth program for veterans to help them find access to medical care. Veterans Integrated Service Networks (VISN) offers veterans more types of specialized care closer to home through telehealth services. From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 28 at Post 295 presenter James Turock, VISN 4 Telehealth and Virtual Care Program Manager will explain about bringing more types of specialized care for veterans closer to home, increasing convenience and improving peace of mind for the veterans who are enrolled with the Veteran’s Administration.

VISN 4 is using modern technology to expand access and provide patient-centered care in non-traditional locations, such as a veteran's home, an institution of higher learning, or a community clinic.

According to Turock, telehealth enables more accessible and convenient health care for veterans. It reduces the time veterans need to spend in the hospital, and increases access to services without requiring long drives for patients.

The Jan. 28 presentation will explain the three types of telehealth technologies offered by VISN 4

•Store and Forward Telehealth is the acquisition and storage of clinical information such as data, images, sound, and video.

•Home Telehealth makes it possible for clinicians to monitor patients in their homes using telephone lines and mobile phones.

•Clinical Video Telehealth connects Veterans with distant providers in real time using video teleconferencing.

To learn more about VISN 4's telehealth programs, visit s/telehealth.asp.

Veterans or family members who may have questions prior to the presentation should call Turock at 724-841-8250.

The Harvey D. Johnson American Legion Post is located at 232 Mill Road in Northfield, just opposite the Otto Bruyns Northfield Public Library. Parking is available behind the library.

Light refreshments will be served.