Students at three schools were honored with scholarships recently when the members of the Kiwanis Club of Cape May announced the winners of the support that helps with school expenses for the next level school or certification.

Club members also took the opportunity to thank the community for its support of club fundraisers throughout the year, including the car raffle. Club officials said the scholarships are given as an honor or a memorial. This year, the scholarships totaled $14,100.

From Lower Cape May Regional: Brandon Bauer, $1,500 in honor of Bob Fite, Kiwanis member; Eric Einhaus $1,000 in onor of Jim and Linda Waldie, Kiwanis members; Emily Fournier, $1,000 in honor of Betty Steger, Kiwanis member; Heaven Kelly, $1,500 in honor of Jim Washington, Kiwanis member, past president 1978 and past Kiwanis governor; Mishell Sanchez $1,500 in honor of Kim Allen Ford, Kiwanis president.

From Cape May County Technical School: Sarah Doherty $1,000 in honor of Tom Hand, Kiwanis member and past president 1996; Kerri Harrigan $1,500 in honor of Ed Hutchinson, Kiwanis member and past president 1984, past governor and international trustee; Brian Lee, $1,000 in honor of Al Conley, Kiwanis member; Caleigh Pirnik, $1,500 in memory of Jim Wyatt; Gabrielle Wolf $1500 in memory of Ed Rochford;

From Wildwood Catholic High School: Alyssa Jackson, $500 in honor of Eileen Oleksiak-Hall, Kiwanis member; Anthony Patrizi , Circle K president, $600 in honor of Karen Bredehoft.

The Kiwanis Club of Cape May sponsors programs at the local schools for the Circle K Club at Atlantic Cape Community College; Builders Club at Richard M Teitelman Middle School; K-clubs at Cape May County Technical High School and Lower Regional High School; K-Kids at Cape May Elementary and Maude Abrams Elementary schools, officials said.

The elementary school programs BUG, or “bring up grades,” and conversation comrades are in need of volunteers in the fall. For more information, see

To purchase a car raffle ticket, see

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