DENNIS TOWNSHIP – Seventh-grade students learned more about the nation’s history and lawmakers during a recent field trip to Washington, D.C., school officials said.

Part of the trip included a visit to the Smithsonian museums and national monuments and memorials, along with staff chaperones.

This year’s tour also included a visit to the Capitol, and most of the students got to visit the Senate chamber. One group of students saw the House of Representatives gallery, school officials said.

The tour of the Capitol building was arranged through Senator Cory Booker's, but school officials said the students unfortunately didn’t get the chance to meet legislators, as Congress was on recess during the field trip.

Amanda Unkle, language arts teacher, said she begins working to schedule the spring adventure in September.

“Each year we try to do something a little different for the students so it is a memorable experience for them,” Unkle said.

Prior classes have toured the White House, the Capitol and met with U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo.

Unkle said she hopes next year, her students will be able to meet with LoBiondo, Booker or Sen. Robert Menendez as part of the tour.

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