Some tourists come away with a trinket or two after a trip away from home.

For Kaitlyn Schoeffel, from Egg Harbor Township, a trip in November to Los Angeles came out to be $33,000. 

Schoeffel was traveling with her boyfriend, Wayne Hoffman, when they decided on a whim to wait in line for tickets for "The Price Is Right." She waited on stand-by for the tickets, when she said she lucked out after other audience members didn't show. 

Her luck didn't run out there: She said hers was the first name called to "come on down."

Though Schoeffel competed on the show in November, her episode aired on CBS in February and re-aired on Thursday. Schoeffel said her mom is a fan of the show who watches it religiously. 

The 23-year-old travels frequently with Hoffman who has appeared on multiple TV shows such as “America’s Got Talent,” “Ellen” and “The Howard Stern Show” as a professional mentalist. The pair tour different cities as they perform as a part of his illusion show.

During the show, Schoeffel was asked about the price of a laptop and guessed correctly, followed by another game that won her an initial $5,000. That meant she could spin the famous “Price is Right” wheel which put her in the “Showcase Showdown” part of the show.

Her guess at the Showdown: $27,000. The actual price: $27,376.

“My family said, ‘We thought you’d never win the showcase,’ but I did.” Schoeffel said.

She managed to keep her participation on the show a secret from her family. Schoeffel lured them together on Tuesday, when the episode aired, to a TV under the guise of lunch with her. Family members were shocked not only by seeing Schoeffel on the show, but to see her success.

Schoeffel said she wasn’t sure where she had gotten that number from but that perhaps it had something to do with her being the 27th Miss New Jersey contestant last year. The former Miss New Jersey Outstanding Teen will be competing for the title of Miss New Jersey again this summer.

By the end of the show, Schoeffel had won big.

“I won a trip to Argentina for six nights for two with meals and private tango lessons,” she said. She also won a sailboat. 

Schoeffel said her mother joked about getting her father a boat after he complained of having to fish off the beach this year. Little did she know, she wouldn’t have to.

“I guess it was beginner’s luck,” she said.

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