The Ocean City Police Benevolent Association held a fundraiser at Di’Orio’s for the second years and the place was rockin’. Jim and I spotted Marie and Lloyd Hayes as we parked our car in the lot behind DiOrio’s. Brendan Gheen, secretary of the PBA who organized this event, greeted us at the door. I met Anthony Millevoi, a longtime resident of Ocean City who joined the police department in January. Chris Vivarelli is treasurer of the PBA and has been a police officer for eight years.

Scott Ping and Donna and Steve Ang arrived early to get good seats near the door to see everyone when they walked in. Bobby Barr had a prominent table in the dining room where he could talk to all his constituents. Maureen Kelly and Janet Schlitz closed their Sneaker Shop early to get to the benefit. Jim and I enjoyed chatting with Dennis DiOrio while eating the delicious Italian buffet. Dennis was looking forward to getting away to Florida for a few days.

Patty and Gene Sharpe stopped by our table to catch up. Gene recently retired from the department while wife, Patty, is still teaching school. Patty told me her mom, Christine Chadwick, loves living in Florida. PBA president TJ Mullineaux always wanted to be a police officer since he lived next door to us and Jim gave him one of his police hats that TJ still has in his closet. TJ and wife, Heather, have a 6 month old son, Thomas Cash, who was home with mom as their babysitters, TJ’s parents, were away for the weekend. Sandy and Don Wiesenthal had seats at the bar where they caught up with lots of old friends. Christine Crist was ready for rest and relaxation after spending the day cooking dinners to store in freezers at St. Peter’s.

Officer Mark Pancoast pulled double duty when he served as DJ for the benefit. Mark has been married for 16 years, lives in Upper Township and has a boy and a girl. Cheryl and Steve Sullivan also reside in Upper and their son, Jeremy, is headed to Rowan in the fall. After 25 years Tim Williams recently retired from the police department; however Steve Ang is still going strong with 31 years under his belt. Gail Ping is headed to Oregon to visit daughter and son-in-law, Melissa and Will Tucker. She is also planning daughter Jen’s wedding scheduled for Sept. 30. That’s two down and one to go, Lacey. When I passed Joanne and Bob Marzulli I invited Joanne to the UMW Luncheon and Fashion Show at Greate Bay Country Club May 20. Debbie and Gary Schaffer enjoyed the fun with their son and daughter-in-law, Matthew and Amanda, and their 18-month-old grandson, Parker Matthew. Gary told us their son Phillip is the principal at Wildwood High School. Jim and I stopped to chat with Rita and John Stauffer as we headed home then ran into Herb Godfrey in the parking lot.

Our motor coach was parked in front of St. Peter’s UMC early Thursday morning when Jim and I arrived along with Andrea and Don Paul for our trip to New York City to tour the 9/11 memorial and museum. Phil Young, who coordinated the trip, checked off names as guests boarded the bus. The trip went by quick as everyone chatted, read newspapers and ate lots of goodies. Our tour guides did a great job as we made our way through the emotional memorial. We enjoyed a unique ride to the top of the One World Observatory, the tallest building in New York City. This is where Andrea Mastro lost her cell phone, but fortunately it was turned in to lost and found on the first floor. Pat Custard was always easy to spot as she sported a bright green jacket on the trip. While Phil Young rounded everyone up we enjoyed a light supper overlooking New York Harbor before heading home to Ocean City.

The Exchangettes held their monthly dinner recently at The Crab Trap where Kieran Murray had the private dining room set up to perfection for the ladies. Everyone was glad to see Dottie McClain looking great. I enjoyed chatting with Andrea Paul, Eileen Adams, Sue Jordan, Judi Roseland and Linda Gronert during dinner. Guests Bette McElwee and Kathy Nitsch joined us for our annual white elephant sale after dinner. This columnist started out as auctioneer with the first item up for bid being a bright colored parrot that Barb Adams couldn’t resist taking home for their condo in Gardens Plaza. Betty Ray, Susan LaRosa and Julie Kelleher were high bidders on many treasures. Thanks to Anita Culp and Jan Smith who stepped up to serve as auctioneers as the evening wore on. Even our pretty and efficient waitress, Jessica Chatten, OCHS 2013, couldn’t resist bidding on several interesting trinkets.