Letters to the Editor

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following is a copy of a letter to Ocean City Mayor Jay Gillian and Business Administrator Jim Mallon:

I am writing to you both again on behalf of the more than 700 members of Ocean City Flooding. We are hoping you will choose to answer us this time.

Mayor Gillian, you promised the residents of the area involved in the 29th-33rd street project last year that you would form a committee of affected residents and include the city and Baker International prior to "shovels going in the ground." Your public letter last Friday stated that we can expect to see equipment arrive this week. The residents in this area are disappointed that we have not been included and ask you to follow through on your promise.

Some of the questions Ocean City Flooding has been getting are as follows:

How will this work be done? One block at a time or all at once?

If the work will be done in sections, what are the start and end dates for each section? People need to know so they can plan for visitors and renters right away.

How will this work affect our property access and parking?

What are the hours and days we can expect work to take place?

Who will be responsible for cleaning up the mess this is likely to cause to our properties if it floods during the work?

What environmentally responsible and pet-friendly landscaping will be put in at 30th Street over the pump station (as promised by Craig Wenger). Residents want continued access to that area for pets.

Are there any health issues associated with this type of work i.e. asthmatic issues caused by airborne particulates?

What, if any, changes have been made to the plan since the town hall meeting in August 2016?

We have noticed that the city continues to refer to this project as the 26th -34th street project. Many residents are hopeful that means you have added them back into the plan. Please clarify.

There are many questions people have been waiting to ask and we think they deserve answers. I am sure you are aware we have been asking about this for years but have not received any responses to any emails or phone calls we have sent to either of you as well as to Bob Barr since Nov. 7, 2016.

Suzanne Hornick

Ocean City

Suzanne Hornick chairs the community group, Ocean City Flooding.

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