Regarding a Dec. 22 Patch article which states that Ocean City will receive a $30,000 grant from the Sustainable Jersey for an electric vehicle demonstration, one basic question needs to be answered:

When the electric car’s battery is being recharged, where is that electricity coming from?

If the electricity is coming exclusively from solar, wind or hydroelectric power generation, then it is truly from sustainable energy. More than likely, however, it will be plugged into the wall in a public works building where the electricity is coming from a power station firing fossil fuel and therefore it certainly is not a green machine.

I hope this administration is not being duped the way Mayor Sal Perillo’s nearly was some years ago. At that time, Mr. Perillo was on the verge of purchasing electric cars for the city’s fleet when he came to realize that would have been a mistake. He, instead, intended to follow the lead of then-mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City by stating his intent to purchase hybrid vehicles for the fleet. These are, indeed, “green machines.” Unfortunately that never happened and, instead, the city purchased the much-needed, gas-guzzling Dodge Charger.

While it’s true there are no tailpipe emissions from an electric car, there is plenty of data that demonstrates the electric car is not at all green and, in fact, will be responsible for higher green house gas emissions due to the electricity being generated by fossil fuel fired power plants whose efficiency is only 35-40 percent at best. Even self-ordained ecologists such as Ocean City’s own Stephen Fenichel and Georgina Shanley would have to agree.

Bob Dubil

Ocean City