Miss Night in Venice Committee

Miss Night in Venice Committee Maribeth Neall, Pat Gillian, Cathy Finnegan and Maryann Jones join Nancy Ely, Sue Doll, Collette Gabriel and Alice Wolf on the Gillian Deck. Missing is Sharon Capizzi-Walsh.


Members of the Miss Night in Venice Committee recently met at the home of Pat Gillian to finalize plans for the Miss Night in Venice contest and parade.

Contestants met with committee chairwoman Pat Gillian and committee members Maryann Jones, Sue Doll, Cathy Finnegan, Maribeth Neall, Alice Wolf, Nancy Ely and Collette Gabriel.

Contestants had publicity photos taken by Don and Carol Kravitz and picked up containers, donated by Johnson's Popcorn, for collecting donations. This year a major portion of the proceeds will benefit the Ocean City High School after prom party, the John Elliott HERO Campaign, the Sunshine Foundation and Ocean City Food Cupboard. 

The contestant who collects the most donations will be crowned Miss Nights in Venice.

Contestants also received Miss Nights in Venice T-shirts that they will wear in the Cedar Beach Fourth of July Parade. 

Miss Nights in Venice will be crowned 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 19 at the Ocean City Tabernacle. There will be a parade showing all the contests 5 p.m. on the Boardwalk from Fifth Street to 14th Street. 

The queen, along with all contestants, will reign over the city's Night in Venice boat parade Saturday, July 22.