Sure, 'tis the season for the Jolly Ol' Elf to be out and about.

But with Santa in so many places, questions start to sprout.

There’s Santa on the fire trucks. Santa at the mall.

Santa on the internet and Santa that will call.

Santa who arrives at morning brunches, then later dines at Santa lunches.

Today Santa listens to wish lists at almost every turn,

There’s no longer a need to mail a letter, as children quickly learn.

If Santa is nearly everywhere, as any kid can see,

The question quickly comes to pass: How can that really be?

If Santa's all around our town, he must be around yours too.

So who’s getting the gifts and reindeer ready? He has so else much to do.

We know the elves are working hard, but when we see Santa wherever we go,

Those who cherish the magic of Christmas begin to say “Whoa.”

He's too exposed; too in demand. I hearby make a Christmas command:

Stop with Santa’s busy schedule. Can't you see it’s just too much?

To preserve the wide-eyed wonder of the season, we must demand as such.

My Christmas wish this year is made for Santa’s sake;

Let’s all join forces and give the guy an early and well-deserved break.

Laura Stetser is a full-time reporter and mother of two school-age children. Get more parenting news by connecting with her on social media @TheMomsBeat @LauraStetserReporter or via email at

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