For the past 18 months, I have been advising you that this is the most important election in our lifetime. Election Day is now less than two weeks away and the stakes couldn't be higher.

At the national level, America will either remain governed with a hard left liberal philosophy, or it will course correct back to right of center.

Somewhere between two to five Supreme Court vacancies will likely occur over the next four to eight years. This alone could forever change America, depending on who wins the presidency on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

In New Jersey, a state-wide ballot question (Question No. 1) has the potential to destroy the South Jersey economy. To keep casino gaming out of North Jersey, you must vote no.

This is tricky because it's harder to educate people to vote no than it is to convince them to blindly vote yes.

The North Jersey political hucksters are already hedging their bet. They believe that they are going to lose the ballot question. These bad actors never give up.

Assemblyman Ralph Caputo, D-28 has already introduced legislation to implement video lottery terminals at the Meadowlands and Monmouth racetracks.

A similar scam was attempted during the administration of former Gov. Jim McGreevey. It failed then. We have to all band together to defeat this once again.

To try and con people that a video lottery terminal is not a slot machine is like saying that Babe Ruth was not a baseball player. He was and a video lottery terminal is a slot machine.

It's like a Freddy Krueger "Nightmare on Elm Street" monster movie. You think you have the monster's head cut off, but the movie ends with a cliff-hanger when Krueger, or Jason Voorhees, or Michael Myers is still alive and you are left waiting for the sequel to see how things really turn out.

The politicians never quit. We the People, must adopt this level of commitment. A politician always believes that they live to fight another day.

Consider Richard Nixon losing the race for president in 1960 and then just two years later, losing again in the race for governor of California. Most thought Nixon was finished. He wasn't. Just six years later Nixon went on to win the presidency (twice).

You have to treat things like they're never settled. You can win a battle, but you have to be prepared to win the war.

It's also very challenging when government works against the will of the people. They get to spend our money against us. Then, to defeat them, we have to spend more of our money to defeat them. It's disgusting. Any fair examination of the facts would conclude that this is exactly how this dirty system works. To prove that the politicians never quit, I submit this exhibit for your consideration.

The year was 2003. McGreevey was governor. He created the Governor's Commission on the Horse Racing Industry. Its mission was to study video lottery terminals and try to prove that they're not  slot machines. Therefore, it would not represent casino gaming outside of Atlantic City.

One of the commission's own documents called a VLT a slot machine. That was inconvenient. The result was that the commission's own study concluded that a VLT was a form of gambling and it required a constitutional amendment to allow them in a location outside of the Atlantic City jurisdiction.

Attorney Herbert Stern and former New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Robert Clifford also wrote definitive legal opinions that VLT's are illegal under present New Jersey law.

That's what this Question No. 1 is all about. They already lost the VLT issue 13 years ago. But, Assemblyman Caputo is trying to bring it back anyway.

This is my whole point. The politicians never quit. Even when thoroughly defeated, they are willing to bring back the same exact measure and try all over again.

I will be vigorously opposing Assemblyman Caputo's ill-advised casino gaming scam.

Caputo and others like him in state office continue to demonstrate that they are committed to taking down Atlantic City for their own political motivations.

It's somewhat surprising that Caputo is the latest one trying to pull this circus stunt – because he once worked in the Atlantic City casino industry in the early 1980s (Trump Castle Casino Resort, Tropicana and Showboat). He should know better.

It's critically important to turn out for this Thursday, Oct. 27 rally to mobilize support against North Jersey Casinos.

The Greater Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce and the No North Jersey Casinos Coalition is holding a get-out-the-vote rally from 10:30 a.m. to noon at Kennedy Plaza in Atlantic City, adjacent to Boardwalk Hall.

Free parking will be provided at Boardwalk Hall. You are encouraged to register in advance online at or call 609-345-4524, extension 102.

Harry Hurley is the president of Harry Hurley Consulting and Communications, LLC. He hosts the daily talk radio program "Hurley in the Morning" 6-10 a.m. weekdays on Townsquare Media, WPG Talk Radio 1450, where he also serves as the senior programming consultant.  Hurley has hosted various programs for local television and is the editor and publisher of his news and information website, Send comments to