Just like President Clinton, Obama inherited an economic mess from the GOP and despite tough battles with adversaries, both managed to improve the economy. Yet during Obama's eight years, there has been minimal push back from the mainstream media to the constant GOP lies and distortions about bloated government, ISIS and everything else.

The airwaves are controlled by right-wing billionaires and we see the evidence everyday in the commentary and obvious questions not asked of the GOP.

We know Cheney and Bush took the country to the brink of economic collapse. But Obama and Hillary get the blame. Were it not for Obama’s bailout, many Republican voters would probably be jobless and homeless today.

The media doesn't discuss the Cheney-Bush trumped up war in Iraq that created ISIS. No, it's OK to blame ISIS on the Democrats.

The media and their partners in crime have hammered away Clinton's character, Benghazi and those darn emails, which did not financially impact the taxpayers’ one iota except for the millions of taxpayer dollars wasted on the investigation.

How do Clinton's faults begin to compare to the decades of massive GOP corruption and greed since Watergate? It's not even close. So give it a rest. Enough is enough.

Carol Bair


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