Learning about the hijab in Northfield web

Library patrons try out hijabs at the World Hijab Day program Friday, Feb 3 at the Otto Bruyns Library in Northfield.


I was disheartened, to say the least, to read the story in The Current of Feb. 9 titled “Hijab cultural event hits a nerve in Northfield” by Suzanne Marino that the comments on the library’s event recognizing World Hijab Day were so inflammatory that they were turned over to the Northfield Police Department for review.

I am writing to share my support of the Northfield public library and its commitment to offer culturally diverse programming for Atlantic County.

As the current chair of the Atlantic County Advisory Commission on Women and a faculty member at Stockton where I teach American literature, American studies and women’s gender and sexuality studies, my career and volunteer work serve the same mission that library director Aubrey Hiers describes: to provide a forum “to share our stories and have the ability to listen to the stories of others."

This mission is shared by the Atlantic County Advisory Commission on Women, especially as such educational opportunities relate to Atlantic County women and girls. Our mission statement says, in part, that the purpose of the ACACW is to "centralize and disseminate information regarding resources, issues, events, and programs which involve women's interests and concerns.”

Our full mission statement can be found at atlantic-county.org/women/advisory-commission.asp. We also act in an advisory position on such issues to the Atlantic County Board of Chosen Freeholders.

I hope others will join me in support of the Northfield Public Library and in welcoming opportunities to learn about the rich cultural diversity of our county and nation.

Kristin Jacobson


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