DWI checkpoint in EHT

Egg Harbor Township police Lt. Fred Spano speaks with a driver in the parking lot of Harbor Square after handing him a HERO Campaign for Designated Drivers sticker during a drunken-driving checkpoint Friday night Aug. 4. Officials said the intent was to educate and raise awareness rather than to catch impaired drivers.


PLEASANTVILLE — As part of a national campaign to end impaired driving, police are planning a crackdown through the end of the year.

The annual Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign brings local and state authorities together from Dec. 8 through Jan. 1 to step up enforcement against drivers who are impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Police will conduct patrols and sobriety checkpoints that look for drivers who may be driving while intoxicated, police said in a statement.

The campaign aims to show the dangers of impaired driving through enforcement and education.

“During the last five years, New Jersey has experienced nearly 40,000 alcohol-involved crashes resulting in more than 750 fatalities," police Chief Sean Riggin said. “This is a critical law-enforcement program that can save lives during a time of the year when impaired driving traditionally increases by nearly 10 percent.”

Police offered the following tips for driving safely during the holidays:

• Use public transportation, a taxi or a sober friend to get home.

• Spend the night where a party is held.

• Contact law enforcement if you spot an impaired driver on the road.

• Wear a seat belt while on the road.

• Take a taxi, have a sober friend drive or have a friend or family member escort you to your doorstep instead of walking while intoxicated.

• If someone you know is drinking, don't let them drive.

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