PLEASANTVILLE – Hundreds of elementary, middle and senior high school students marched through city streets Wednesday, Feb. 15 in the name of education.

The fifth annual Rise Up March was held on the streets around the South Main Street School and centered on the slogan “Education-This Means War.”

“This is a movement for a good cause,” said Felicia Hyman-Medley, South Main Street School principal. “This is a fight, a stance. Rise up for what you believe in.”

She said the march was more than a stance and more than a movement in the streets.

“I feel truly blessed to have so many great people in this room,” she said to a collection of city councilman, Board of Education members, school district representatives and residents gathered in the school library before the march began.

“We have to start somewhere,” she continued. “We have to start within. We need a commitment for our babies.”

Hyman-Medley produced a pledge that she asked everyone to sign to make sure the children of the community have an education they can be proud of.

“This is a marriage statement,” she said. “It’s a rebirth of our babies.”

Students and teachers dressed in camouflage clothing and held signs as they marched on Broad, Willard and South Main streets.

“This is a positive event,” Hyman-Medley said. “We have a lot of talent here in Pleasantville.”

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