District 2 independent candidate Gary Stein

Gary Stein, Brownie and Me

Stein, 57, of Mullica Township said, “Neighbors, I’m Assembly candidate No. 5 – Independent Democrat – weighing in on the most important issue affecting Atlantic County; rigged election ballots. Stay with me. Not rigged, bless their hearts, in Salem County’s primary or general, and not rigged in Morris County – Republican side – in the primary, but rigged in the general.

“As for Morris Democrats? A rigged primary and general election ballot. The Morris County clerk – they’re the all-important player everywhere in New Jersey – obliges the Democratic machine with a party line or ‘column.’ The wicked party line; Column A or B this Nov. 5 aids and abets the good old boys, a human chain-bracelet, from town councilman or councilwoman to governor.

“In New Jersey, everywhere but Salem, and sometimes Morris, candidates like me, or maybe you, are relegated to remote ‘columns’ hardly worth a glance. This baloney is not permitted anywhere else in the U.S.A. I researched. No ‘columns,’ ‘slogans’ or ‘bracketing,’” Stein said.

“Bracketing puts a bunch of hack politicians in a column of similar slogans, like ‘Atlantic County Regular Democrat, Inc.’ in the primary. It’s worth repeating; ballot slogans are not used anywhere except the Soprano State.

“In 49 states, candidates are grouped by office, separated from other offices. New Jersey’s clerks can follow crooked New Jersey election law instructing how to rig the ballot, or they have discretion to produce a non-prejudicial ballot like the rest of the country. Hallelujah, Salem’s ballot,” said Stein.

“Why’s this funky issue important? You can’t win unless you’re in the rigged column; therefore you owe whoever allowed you there. Property tax or pension reform, or eliminating just one state agency or authority will always be on hold.

“Case in point: defeated incumbent freeholder, taxpayer friendly Republican Joe McDevitt, fell out of favor with status-quo local party chairman; these kingpins often have lucrative gigs as solicitors in your town. McDevitt’s opponent last spring was a union leader and big campaign contributor, a Democrat, until recently. The ex-Dem got ‘the column.’ The political convert won the Republican primary going away.

“Rigged ballots matter. Send me to Trenton. I’ll travel the state spreading the gospel concerning what you now know is effectively the most essential office holder for maintaining the status quo; the elected county clerk.”

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