LINWOOD – Tom Gullone of Galloway, president of the Atlantic County Numismatics Club, is borrowing a line from a TV commercial when he says, ‘What’s in your wallet?’

The club will hold its annual fall coin show 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 22 at Our Lady of Sorrows Church Hall in Linwood.

The show will feature more than 45 dealers where attendees can get a free appraisal of a coin collection or old paper money, plus a number of activities for experienced collectors to those just starting to take an interest in coins, he said.

Admission is free, and visitors will receive a ticket when they walk in the door that gives them a shot at the drawings going on all day. Each half-hour there will be a drawing for a proof set of coins as well as some mint sets, according to Gullone.

At the Atlantic County Numismatics Club table, members will be giving coin books to budding collectors, something Gullone said the club does to help kids get started in coin collecting.

There will also be a tub of coins from all over the world that kids will get a chance to dig into and pick out a coin.

“We remind everyone to take a minute and look at the change in your pocket; there is so much to learn just in the quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies just sitting there, and sometimes that coin just might be worth much more than its face value,” Gullone said.

The club will also be offering seminars throughout the day.

Factors that influence a coin's worth include mistakes in minting that result in them being sought by collectors, and as a result more valuable.

And it's not only old coins that can be worth more than face value.

Gullone said that in the national park series of quarters recently released, the Nebraska coin had a fault in the dye, and a few hundred were minted before the mistake was discovered. Some of the coins made it into circulation and are now worth $50 each, he said.

“It is really all about what you know to look for on the coins we all have in our pockets and tossed on the nightstand,” he said.

The show will feature a 9-10 a.m. swap for members and vendors and then open to the public at 10. There will be security at the event, Gullone said.

Refreshments will be for sale.

Our Lady of Sorrows is on Wabash Avenue along the bike path between Wilson and Poplar avenues. For information call Gullone at 609-652-1181 or Jerry at 609-641-3286.