In an effort to attract more volunteers, the next Master Gardener program will be held in the evening.

Classes will be held 5-8 p.m. Tuesdays, Jan. 9 through May 22.

"I hope that this will also increase our volunteer base to include master gardeners who are available for more evening and weekend projects around our county," program manager Belinda Chester said. "This would increase our availability to assist more community and school projects."

The Rutgers Master Gardener program trains volunteers who assist the Rutgers Cooperative Extension in delivering horticulture programs and information to the community. Master gardeners receive in-depth training on soil composition, plant pathology, pesticide safety, arborculture, landscape design, lawn care and turf disease, composting and more.

Anyone with an interest in gardening and a commitment to volunteer service is eligible to become a master gardener. No previous education or horticulture experience is required. 

The fee for the 20-week course is $250, after which master gardeners are required to serve 70 hours educating the community about horticulture. 

To register call 609-625-0056, ext. 6123, or download an application at

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