• Resident Fran Rambo has collected 175 names on a petition that asks that the natural ambience of Bennys Landing be preserved, and has hung a sign to emphasize her resistance to proposed changes.CAPE MAY COURT HOUSE – Bennys Landing is a place out of time, an area known to the locals as “arrogantly shabby,” and that’s just how the residents like it.

  • One resident said it sounded like a long, loud growl - another thought they'd acquired a ghost

    People in Cape May and Atlantic counties are reporting what some believe have been an earthquake, though others believe it may have been more akin to a sonic boom.

    Some have placed the time at about noon, while others say it was closer to 2 p.m.

    Ralph Walter, West Cape May, said he was fishing on Cape May Point Beach when he heard a rumble. “It was dark on the Delaware beach side, and at first I thought it was thunder,” he said.…

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