Local connection for Internet business

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Cheryl Spaulding, a Middle Township resident and a sales manager at an area hotel, has launched an internet business that she says will make coffee healthier.

Organo Gold is instant coffee with the addition of ganoderma, which is described as an ancient Chinese herb. Also known as reishi, ganoderma is actually a mushroom. Proponents say it can lower blood pressure and improve the immune system. Spaulding said a quick search for ganoderma will show pages and pages of health benefits. She said health and coffee are kind of an oxymoron, but says that’s what the product provides.

Spaulding is not selling any coffee in this area – it’s all on the Internet – but is giving out samples “because people are not familiar with the product.”

While the sales are online, she said she can be contacted for more information “or if you need person-to-person contact. I’m in sales. I know you can’t do everything on the Internet.”

She says it is premium coffee. The website also offers other products, including green tea and hot cocoa, which includes ganoderma.

“My potential customer is not the local community; it’s the entire world. The Internet is everywhere,” said Spaulding, who started the company last fall. Spaulding, originally from Newark, has lived in Cape May County for 16 years. Her husband’s family has deep roots in the county. His great-great uncle was George Henry White, a reconstruction-era congressman from North Carolina who founded Whitesboro early in the 20th century.

For more information, see LeCafeNoir.organogold.com or call Spaulding at 609-425-3937.


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