Save jobs for the little guys

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To the editor:

Reading your edition of April 26, I see about privatizing of bus drivers and aides in Middle Township schools, and we could save a whooping $105,600. Look at the jobs lost of our local people where we really do not need any more unemployment. People concerned for the welfare of our local kids, most of them they know personally. The next article about is the hiring of a business administrator for $114,000.

Please tell me, what does a business administrator do in a school? Now understand that I'm a senior citizen when I went to school in Philadelphia we had a principal who ruled the whole school (oh yeah he had one secretary). We had 42 to 45 kids in each class and heaven forbid you got sent to the office to see the principal. So now we are going to get rid of all these drivers and aides to save money and turn around and hire one person for more than we are saving?

Well guess my bookkeeping just doesn't add up like it used to. Save jobs for the little guys, please.

Joan Hamilton
Cape May Court House


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