Megan’s Law article was one-sided

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To the editor:

As the fiancée of a registrant whose crime was committed at age 12, and a registry reform advocate, I was disappointed at the one-sided writing in your article about Megan's Law (“Middle sees increase in those registered under Megan’s Law,” published Sept. 26).

Too often, the media relies on "information" from law enforcement and politicians, when there is much more factual information available from objective sources, such as university and government research, as well as input from those who are living and impacted directly by Megan's Law.

The reason Megan's Law registrant numbers are increasing is because politicians looking for a guaranteed public approval boost continue to enact myth-based policies and legislation that are based on the false premise that all registrants are dangerous to children. Conversely, there are over 200 crimes that can get someone on the registry, and many have nothing to do with kids. The recidivism rates for sex offenders have been consistently documented in the single digits, long before the public registry existed. As my fiancé’s case demonstrates, politicians have no problem putting children on the registry. The US Department of Justice found in a 2009 study that children account for over a third of all sex crimes committed against other juveniles, and many of these "crimes" are as innocent as playing doctor and normal childhood exploration. Tens of thousands of teenagers reside on the registry for consensual acts with other teens. As the registrants age, their "victim's age" doesn't, making countless registrant appear to be child predators when they are absolutely not.

Shana Rowan

Oneida, NY

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