Take special care with special dances and introductions

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No. 1 Don’t –When the bride and her father are dancing to “their” song, as in the case of my father and me when we danced to “Daddy’s Little Girl,” – don’t cut in.

The son of my parents’ landlord, who was my age and should have known better, amazingly cut in on us at my wedding reception with my first husband as Daddy and I were dancing to “our” song that we chose because it was so perfect for us, with me being an only child.

Daddy and I were so flabbergasted that we just allowed it. Besides, we didn’t want to cause a scene.

When the bride is dancing with her father or with her husband for their first dance together have some tact and class. Don’t cut in.

No. 2 Don’t – When the DJ introduces the members of the wedding party – in particular, the parents – make sure you have the correct information prior to the introductions.

I was a stepmother of 16 years when our son got married three years ago. When his father and I walked down the stairs the DJ didn’t even introduce my husband, the father.  Amazingly the DJ instead introduced me, Kathy, as walking with the mother Debbie, and her escort.

Each set of wedding party parents were supposed to wait until the people in front of them stood at the top of the steps to get introduced and then walk the rest of the way down the steps. Debbie and her escort, Les, walked down the stairs a minute or so in front of my husband, Mike, and I.  As we were standing there waiting to get introduced and walk down the stairs, and as Debbie and Les were already being introduced, we were confused and surprised to say the least that my name was put with Debbie and Les as in “Debbie and Kathryn, escorted by Les.”

There stood my husband, Mike, the wonderful father of the groom, waiting for us to be introduced and he wasn’t even acknowledged by the DJ.

Kathryn A.K. Miller

Windsor, Pa.

and Somers Point


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