Nutrition, exercise can help you shape up in time for your wedding

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There are few life events more motivating for weight loss than a wedding. Brides are the center of attention on the big day that is also memorialized by thousands of photographs. It’s no wonder that brides often look to change the way they look leading up to the wedding day.

By following the nutrition changes and a focused exercise regime suggested, local experts say brides can shape up even if they only have a few months.

Nutrition consultant Nancy Adler of Linwood said she frequently meets with brides who sometimes have waited until the last minute to shape up. She uses a few key tips to help them shed pounds and appear more sculpted as the bride gets ready to slip into that white gown:

1.  Drink plenty of water. Adler recommends drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. “The water helps curb your appetite and shed pounds,” she said. Approximately one pound can be lost every two weeks simply by staying hydrated.

2.  Avoid carbohydrates after 4 p.m. daily. The body cannot metabolize carbs as well in the evening, so they are stored as fat instead.

3.  Stop drinking sodas and eating sugar. “Sugar can make you look puffy and also can contribute to mood swings,” Adler said. “Planning a wedding is stressful enough without a bride having to deal with mood swings.”

4.  Cut back on sodium. Salt intake can cause the body to retain water and will give you a fuller appearance, she said.

5.  Eat hot, spicy foods. Metabolism can be jumpstarted by adding in spices like cayenne pepper and horseradish to meals, Adler said.

6.  Fill up on tomatoes. South Jersey’s staple crop can stabilize blood sugar levels, provide fiber, and help detoxify your kidneys and liver so these organs can shed fatty deposits and run properly.

“By following only these tips, you could expect to lose about 15 pounds in three months,” she said, noting exercise would help even more.

When incorporating a fitness plan into the weight-loss goal, the best way to see noticeable changes is by constantly altering your exercises, according to Stacey Saber, owner of Crossfit OTG in Egg Harbor Township.

“Routine is the enemy of weight loss,” she said. “That’s when you don’t get results.”

Saber recommends switching up and trying new fitness moves. “It keeps the body guessing and that’s when it will change.”

For those who like to exercise by walking at an easy pace and avoid perspiring, Saber has some bad news – a high-intensity workout that features a variety of movements is key in seeing your body change. “You’ve got to sweat. Weight training will build muscle and cardio exercises will burn fat. You need to do both.”

Stress relief is an added bonus, Saber said.

“Many brides are stressed while planning their wedding. Exercising at this level will help get rid of the bad hormones they are retaining as well as weight loss.”











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