Many options for wedding transportation

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Transportation is not the first thing most people think of when planning their wedding day, but as a small yet important part of one of the most momentous occasions in a person’s life, it certainly isn’t something that should be overlooked. There are many choices when it comes to finding a way to the ceremony or reception, said David Geiger, the co-owner of Atlantic Limousine in Atlantic City, and the key is picking the right one for the situation.

“I’ve been doing this for over 30 years, so I’ve learned a lot through the years,” Geiger said.

In the past, it was almost a given that the bride and groom would ride in a standard limousine, many times with the other members of their wedding party. Lately, though, many customers are in search of something bigger and better. Stretch sport utility vehicles are a popular choice of limo, as are party buses, which are often outfitted to look just like a limo inside.

“It all comes down to how many bridesmaids and groomsmen you have,” Geiger said. “If you have seven or eight bridesmaids, you’re more likely going to take the party bus.”

However, a drawback to the party buses is their appearance. While lush and luxurious on the inside, “when you’re pulling up, it still looks like a bus on the outside,” Geiger said.

A nice alternative to that problem is the SUV limo, which can fit almost as many people while still maintaining a deluxe appearance.

“People really like our SUVs, the Lincoln Excursions,” said Geiger.

Typically, six to 10 passengers can fit in a standard Lincoln limousine, depending on its length, while 12-14 can ride in a Navigator SUV limo. Fourteen guests can come along for the ride in a party bus with a wraparound interior, while 24 can comfortably fit in a party bus with forward seating.

“In the last couple of years, a lot of people have been wanting those 24-passenger mini buses, because they want to move their guests,” Geiger said. “They don’t want people drinking and driving, so I have some people call me just to move their guests.”

Something the bride must take into consideration when booking transportation is the size of her dress. One time, a bride booked a limousine with Geiger and filled it to capacity. She wasn’t too pleased when she saw the toll it took on her dress.

“She called me back and crucified me,” Geiger said with a laugh. “Her dress got sat on and wrinkled. Ever since that day, I haven’t allowed more than seven people in a limo or 10 people in an SUV, if the bride is going in there. When she sits down, her dress goes to the right, her dress goes to the left, and it takes away seats.”

Sometimes, Geiger said the bride and groom don’t ride with the rest of their wedding party but still order transportation for the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

“The bride and the groom will go in Uncle Bob’s ’57 Chevy – they’ll do something like that on their own – and then call us to move the guests,” he said.

Actually, Geiger always recommends that the bride and groom seriously consider splitting up from the wedding party.

“Most of the time, they call me wanting to go with the bridal party in as big of a vehicle as we have, but by the time the phone call is over, I talk them out of it,” he said. “They always think they want to be with their friends, but I tell them that they just got married – and then they want to go sit on some noisy bus? Five minutes into the ride, he’s going to be talking to his friends, she’s going to be talking to her friends, and everyone is going to be talking about what Mary was wearing, or who John brought. Do you care about that right after you got married?”

Instead, Geiger suggests a quiet and romantic limo ride for the bride and groom while the rest of the wedding party can celebrate in an SUV or party bus.

“I recommend that you take your own limo,” he said. “Sit in the car, just the two of you, take a deep breath and say, ‘We did it.’ Get away from the world for 15 minutes. Go and relax, because you’re just a bundle of nerves to start out with.”

If the bride or groom is unsure of riding separately at first, he sometimes offers an extra incentive.

“I basically tell them that the limo from the church to the reception is free if they are paying more for the party bus anyway,” Geiger said. “I really do believe that you should get away from the party for 10 minutes and be with the person you just married, just for the ride over to the reception. People call me back after the wedding and they can’t thank me enough.”

No matter what transportation option you choose for your wedding day, Geiger said Atlantic Limousine will do its best to make sure things go smoothly.

“We’ve been in the business since 1933, so we know a lot,” Geiger said. “We can help.”


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