Brigantine Elks Lodge forms Antlers Lodge 23

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Antler-Lodge-2 Charter officers are inducted into the Antlers Lodge.

It was a historic moment for the Elks here in Brigantine when they recently held a night of ceremonies to start their Antlers Lodge youth group. There were a total of three ceremonies that had to occur in order for the Youth Lodge to be set up and complete. These ceremonies have come to be called the “three I's.”

The first was an indoctrination ceremony. This piece officially established the Antlers Lodge 23. The group was presented with a charter for their lodge. Next, the initiation ceremony occurred.

The last ceremony was where the appointed officers were installed, or sworn into their positions. These first officers were appointed by a committee of Elks based on their record of being active in the community through the Elks. This was decided upon by looking at sign-in sheets of records of past volunteer work connected with the Elks Lodge over the past six years during the time which the Youth Alliance had connected into the lodge to support its programs. (Also taken into consideration in choosing the leadership team was the recommendation of youth based on dependability, time to dedicate, and being active in Elks programs over the years.) This wasn't all that the decisions were based upon. A balance of older and younger youth were chosen as leaders so as to allow for the growth of the youth group over time. This led to some less-experienced youth being chosen, but the Elks couldn't be happier with all of their choices.

In the future, youth will be elected to positions by their peers within the group. Elections will be held each lodge year. The officers are Michael Mandes, president; Joseph Mandes, vice president; Rachael Klaiss, second vice president; Erin Coffman, treasurer; Daniel Stinson, chaplain and trustee; Chelsea Husta, treasurer; Frank Nale, trustee; Connor Burbridge, sergeant-at-arms; D.J. Haney, inner guard; John Feret, trustee; Nicolette Rallo, trustee; and Harrison Klaiss, third vice president. Other members initiated at the ceremony are Kevin Curau, Jadin Eafrati, Paul Faherty, Adrian Gonzalez, John Griffith, John Hayes, Cody Husta, Mike Lange, Dana Nale, Tyler Rallo, Sheena Sosa, Joey Mooney, Michael Skelly, Bailey Rosenberger and Dalton Rosenberger. 

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