Gas meters designed to withstand water exposure

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In response to questions and concerns from Brigantine residents and business owners, South Jersey Gas would like to clarify several points regarding natural gas meters that may have been submerged as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

Natural gas meters that have been submerged are not an immediate safety hazard and do not require any immediate inspection or repair. Gas meters are designed to endure some exposure to weather elements, and are durable enough to last 20 or more years in many cases.

On the other hand, natural-gas-fired appliances (such as heating systems, dryers, water heaters and cooking ranges) are not designed to endure flooding and submersion, and the safety elements that they are outfitted with to protect you and your home may have been damaged by water. Therefore, it is critical that these units be inspected and or repaired by a qualified plumber or other licensed HVAC certified contractor before they are placed back in service.

As a safety reminder, if you smell natural gas or suspect a gas leak, evacuate the area immediately. At a safe distance, dial 911, followed by notification to SJG’s gas leak hotline at (800) 582-7060. Additionally, do not light any matches, turn on any light switches, or use the telephone in the area where the strong odor exists. Any of these actions could ignite gas that may have accumulated.

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