Brigantine Fire and EMS Department News – Week of Dec. 21, 2012

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Fire Department

The City of Brigantine Fire Department responded to 37 emergency medical service calls and 21 fire calls during the two weeks ending Dec. 16.

The fire calls included commercial and residential fire and carbon monoxide alarms, a kitchen fire caused by unattended cooking, a downed electrical power line, residential and commercial electrical wiring issues, multiple motor vehicle accidents, two alarms that were investigated and determined to be unfounded, as well as assisting with EMS alarms.

On Monday evening, Dec. 3, the members of ‘C’ platoon, under the command of Acting Capt. Tige Platt, responded to Delmar Drive in Engine 3 for a report of an activated carbon monoxide alarm inside a residence.

Upon their arrival, they found that the occupants had evacuated, and using their gas detector, immediately encountered elevated levels of CO in the home. Upon further investigation, the issue was traced back to the heater. The heat was immediately shut down, the natural gas to the appliance was turned off, and the home was ventilated.

Once the positive pressure fan had removed all of the noxious gases and fumes, the home was deemed to be safe, and the residents were allowed to return to the structure. They were advised that the heater was inoperable and placed out of service, and that the unit needed to be serviced by a certified technician before it could be used again.

The EMS calls included cardiac emergencies, respiratory emergencies, medical emergencies including syncope (lost consciousness), cerebral vascular accidents (strokes), seizures and diabetic emergencies, traumas caused by falls, industrial accidents and motor vehicle accidents causing lacerations, abrasions, contusions, suspected fractures and amputation, psychiatric emergencies as well as assisting with lifting and moving patients.

On Thursday morning, Dec. 13, Firefighter-EMTs Cooke and Laielli responded in BLS Rescue 2 for a report of a traumatic injury caused by a power tool.

Upon their arrival, they met with the patient, who had cut off part of a finger with a power saw. Bleeding was stopped, the wound was cleaned and bandaged in sterile dressing, and the severed finger was recovered, cleaned, wrapped with sterile dressing and placed in ice for transport. They continued treatment during transport to AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center.

On Friday afternoon, Dec. 14, Firefighter-EMTs Murray, Roberts and Cooker responded in BLS Rescue 2 and utility pick-up truck FD-2 for a report of an unconscious trauma patient.

Upon their arrival, they found a patient that was semi-conscious with severe bleeding from a wound. They immediately applied dressings and pressure to stop the bleeding, administered high-flow oxygen, and continued treatment during transport to AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center.

The fire department website has had some great renovations completed, with much of the work being done by Firefighter-EMT Zach Laielli. Feel free to visit the site, and check out all of our new updates and changes that have been made.

For fire prevention and safety tips, and information about the department, see and click the fire department link.

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