Eye Health Tip of the Week - Raise your 'Eye-Q'

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Eye Health Eye Health

Fiction: Eating a lot of carrots will improve your eyesight.

Fact: These orange veggies contain beta-carotene which the body converts into Vitamin A, a nutrient that prevents blindness.

Fiction: Reading in low light will permanently damage your eyes.

Fact: No long-term health problems can arise from reading in a dimly lit room, but eyestrain and headaches can arise.

Fiction: Wearing glasses or contact lenses often will weaken your eyes.

Fact: It is OK to wear your prescription every day. If your vision seems to be getting worse, it may be time to see your eye doctor.

We blink about 8,000 times a day, which increases with a foreign object aggravating the eye surface. This, in a much milder way, is how a contact lens can feel. The picture window or cornea of the eye has ten times the nerves of the rest of the eye.

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