Show Jim Mogan some appreciation

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To the editor:

I attended the debate and was pleased with the way it was conducted by Pinky and the Chamber. Generally, I thought the candidates from both sides were well-spoken and qualified. However, I was outraged by candidate Simpson’s point, that to reduce expenses, he would take away Jim Mogan’s authorization to take his city vehicle home at the end of the day.

I am so tired of politicians making hay at Jim’s expense. Jim is on the job many days from early morning to late at night, as well as weekends. I personally have seen that many times. Jim has created and led one of the best attractions for Brigantine… the Community Education and Recreation (CER) program. CER programs not only attract tourists, but also those who are looking for a place to live. This success has only been achieved through Jim and his staff’s hard work.

I appreciate all that Jim does and greatly value his programs. Why not make it a little easier for him to get to where he is going quickly on the many “off hours” the job requires?

If Mr. Simpson is interested in reducing costs, why not just state so in more general terms, rather than throwing Jim under the bus just to make himself look good as a “cost-cutter”? That disloyalty does not impress those voters who value fairness in our candidates.

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