Pleasure to walk with Joe Campitelli

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To the editor:

I had the pleasure of walking the neighborhood with Joe Campitelli this week as Joe visited people in the 2nd Ward, where he is running for City Council. Being a fellow Army veteran, we had some nice chats between houses. As Joe rang doorbells, I watched the smiles appear on people who came to the door. Even if they didn’t know him by name, they recognized him. Obviously, he is well known and liked by many outside of his leadership functions as President of the Sons of Italy, Chairman of Brigantine’s Clean Communities organization, and State Chairman for the Elks Drug Awareness Program. He has done much for many people during his 40 plus years in Brigantine and it certainly showed.

This didn’t seem like a man on the campaign trail, but rather a familiar face who was visiting friends and neighbors. I was very surprised that about every third person that we visited invited him into their home! As I listened to the people share life events with him since they last spoke – they told their stories of how they knew Joe and how he helped them – it was such a pleasure to be the proverbial “fly on the wall.” But the most impressive thing to me was that when I looked at the voter registration sheet to see the person’s political affiliation, it was a mixed blend of “R”, “D”, and “UNA” (undeclared). If there ever was a man who truly represented everyone, it is Joe. He has obviously always been blind to party affiliation when someone asked for help.

In this age of dirty politics, it is so refreshing to witness a person who can legitimately offer a clean campaign and simply run on what he has been doing for four decades, instead of what he “would do if elected.” His only promise to voters was to maintain the level of “customer service” that he is known for. Can a voter really ask for anything more?

What I witnessed was a man who has been serving his neighbors and his town for his entire life – his countless actions speak louder than any words. Now, Joe wants to formally represent and help these same people in a more official capacity. In my lifetime, I have never met someone who impressed me more and truly deserves a seat on City Council.

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