Not much 'new' about New Republicans

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To the editor:

In a letter to the Editor last Friday, former “New Republican” candidate Tom Milhous, states “we lost (the last) election, predominantly due to the voters’ unfounded concern that we would succumb to the Brigantine establishment.”

Mr. Milhous, you need a little fact-checking here. The fact is the voters are exceedingly concerned about, and aware of, the ‘good old boy’ network that dominates today’s Brigantine Republican party.

Every New Republican candidate (with the exception of Mr. Troy) has an Old Republican as their election campaign chairperson. Bob Croce is Joe Campetelli’s chairperson. Sam Storino is Gloria Jacoby’s chairperson, and Steve Hurtt is Andy Simpson’s.

Mr. Milhous says “these Republican candidates act and listen.” What is he talking about? They rarely attend city council meetings, have no knowledge of city government, and have never advocated for any change to the Republican culture of tax and spend.

But they do listen! They listen to the Old Republican Political Bosses.

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